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Under the read more are 30 images that could look like brunette/dark haired girls playing football, requested by anonymous. Please like/reblog if you find this useful!

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Below, you’ll find #59 gifs of NOAH PUCKERMAN in S05E12 and S05E13 of Glee, 100 and NEW DIRECTIONS All GIFs were made by me, so please, don’t claim them as your own. Reposting these GIFs is strictly forbidden. All GIFS are under 1MB, or just slightly larger (in accordance with Tumblr’s newest change), and are suitable for roleplay use. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on saving these GIFs, of if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.


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In celebration of LEARRENSRPH first 100 followers, this is a faceclaim pack for Lea Michele and Darren Criss, and their respective characters, Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson, otherwise known as Learren/Blainchel! This pack includes: 


#130 icons, all 100x100 and made by us. These include screencaps from Glee seasons 2-5, as well as candid photos, and those shared by Twitter/Instagram

#130 lookalikes, which are mostly faceless. We have not taken any of these from other lookalike hunts, and any that appear here that appear with others have been found by sheer coincidence. That being said, some were picked with Blainchel in mind, and some were picked with Learren in mind.



#598 GIFS. None of these have been created by us, and have been collected from various photosets, episodic gif hunts, and searching. Some are these are gifs from episodes, appearances at events and some are manipped gifs. I have tried to eliminate as many duplicates as possible, but some may be different colourings, have more/less frames ect. 


This is a downloadable pack, but if it is requested, we will aim to post a read more version soon. This will be updated as of the conclusion of season 6, when we will have more gifs and icons to share. Once again, we thank all of our 100 followers for helping this to happen, and we hope some of you find this helpful! All we ask is that you like or reblog if you decide to use this! Credit for our lovely graphic goes to colferbootyrps!

Lea & Darren xo

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Below, you’ll find several links to #744 GIFs of NAYA RIVERA, as requested by anonymous. None of these gifs are of Santana - there are some from At The Devil’s Door but the majority is just Naya. None of these gifs were made by me. All GIFs are under 2MB, and are suitable for roleplay use.These GIFs are separated into text posts and sorted by various categories, to make it easier to save them. Please, like or reblog this post if you plan on downloading these GIFs, or if you find this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Under the cut are photos that could maybe pass as being the ship GENDERSWAPPED UNHOLY TRINITY (Cis!boy Santana, Cis!boy Brittany & Cis!boy Quinn) from Glee. None of these are ours so credit goes to the photographers! Reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful.

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box - googledoc // like/reblog if you download them, thank you!

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You can use these for bios, or plots or for anything to make your stuff look pretty. I decided to go online and compile a HUGE list of symbols and shapes that you can use.

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  • Do NOT copy and paste this into your own masterlist.

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General information:

  • Please do not steal or redistribute this theme.
  • Feel free to edit it for personal use, but keep my credit in tact.
  • Please do not use this theme as a base code.
  • This is the second of four themes, which will become my Favourite Songs theme collection.

Customization information:

  • There is an option to have a ‘background image’.
  • As it is with most of my themes, the sidebar background image, will also appear behind the entries.
  • The left sidebar image is 255x150px. The right sidebar image is 113x147px. Please make sure that they stay these dimensions, or they’ll look funny.
  • Your description with automatically fit into a scroll box, once there’s a certain amount of text there.
  • There are seven links in the right sidebar - five of these are customizable.

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With school just around the corner for many people, or here already, I thought it’d be pretty cool of me to gather up a photo hunt for those roleplayers who are in real time roleplays with characters in high school or college. So, under the read more, you will find 35 photos that could be a character studying/doing school work or just pictures the work space. All of these photos are SFW. If this is helpful in anyway, likes or reblogs would be quite appreciated!

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Song: The Boy Is Mine (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: Mercedes and Santana
Album: Glee: The Music - Love Songs
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